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Dona Ajuda

Dona Ajuda Social Shop

Located at number 64 of Rua Alexandre Herculano is the Dona Ajuda Social Shop. The entrance is adorned with beautiful wrought ironwork, with the inscription “Mercado do Rato” (Mouse’s Market). Continuing up the hill, you will find Dona Ajuda’s house on the left, where a friendly elderly woman greets everyone with a smile!

Here, you will find a welcoming space with various shops: women’s (a range of styles), men’s, children’s (clothing, games, toys, books, childcare items), home decor (decorative pieces, household textiles, small appliances, crockery, etc.) as well as shoes, wallets, and accessories.

Extending the lifecycle of products and advancing the concept of sharing are core principles of Dona Ajuda. The organization helps give new life to items that no longer have a place in our lives, whether through donation or sale.

At Dona Ajuda, we welcome all kinds of donations, such as clothes, shoes, books, games, home furnishings, and more, provided they are still in good condition to have a second life.

All donations received are subject to a screening process conducted by our friendly and dedicated volunteers:

  • Items in poor condition are collected for recycling, with proceeds going to the Reto à Esperança Association, whose mission is to help those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Items in good condition but unsuitable for sale are donated to social neighborhoods.
  • Items in good condition are put up for sale in the social shop at exceptionally low prices.

    Those who cannot pay, and are properly referred, can take what they need at no cost.

    All proceeds from the Social Shop assist those most in need by covering the costs of necessary goods and services for institutions or individuals referred to us by our network of over 30 partnering Social Solidarity institutions.

    Loja Social da Dona Ajuda

    It is truly worth visiting us, seeing the space, and catching up on all the news. You can also join our super team of volunteers!

    Monday to Saturday from 11h00 AM to 7h00 PM | Sundays and holidays: Closed
    Rua Alexandre Herculano 64, Mercado do Rato,
    1250-012 Lisbon