Dona Ajuda

We aim to create a better world socially, environmentally, and culturally, connecting those who need help with those who can help. We believe these three pillars are fundamental to the quality of life of any person. We consider poverty not a human trait but rather a temporary situation that can be reversed. We believe everyone can pursue their dreams when provided with financial and economic sustainability.

We fight for a world where economic inequality leaves no one behind and where everyone, regardless of race, nationality, or ethnicity, has the possibility of a dignified life!

A Dona Ajuda operates in three areas: Social, Environmental and Cultural.


In the social area, our social shop located in Mercado do Rato (“Mouse’s Market”), Lisbon, stands out. Here, we welcome a variety of donations, including clothes, books, shoes, games, decorative items, and more. These items, once sorted, are made available at affordable prices, and all proceeds from the sales are dedicated to aiding those most in need by covering the costs of necessary goods and services. For those who cannot afford to pay, we offer what they need at no cost.


In the cultural area, we give space to new artists, whether for exhibitions, concerts, book clubs, or other cultural initiatives. We organize workshops, ateliers, and cultural visits. We promote access to culture, as we believe this is fundamental for healthy personal development.


In the environmental area, we encourage initiatives that promote the reuse of products no longer desired in one location but greatly needed in another. We advocate for the circular economy, waste reduction, and the development of more sustainable societies.
We also have several projects with which we are associated, and that have already become a part of us.