Events and activities

Dona Ajuda
Pão Vale de acór
Pão Vale de acór
Dona Ajuda - Festa do Vizinho

Neighborhood Party

Celebration of the Good Neighborhood Day inauguration. Festivities with cultural programs, sale of handmade products, and the promotion of social projects.
Dona Ajuda – Jardim das Artes

Arts Garden Exhibition

Annual exhibition of young artists in Jardim das Amoreiras. This initiative welcomes all who wish to showcase their art and partake in an enriching and inclusive experience: art schools, young national or international artists, novices and seasoned artists, local residents or not.
Dona AJuda - Janeiras

Janeiras Celebration

A community party at the beginning of each year, where a group of people gather to sing the song “Let’s Sing the Janeiras” (a Portuguese traditional song wishing prosperity and good fortune).
Dona Ajuda - Magusto

Magusto Annual Event

An annual event in the square of São Mamede’s Church. On St. Martin’s Day in November, we gather with São Mamede Parish, the Santo Antonio Lisboa Parish, The Good Neighborhood of Santo António, and The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We enjoy a roasted pig and plenty of food; Mr. Prior comes with chestnuts, so the party begins.
Prémio Literário Luís Vilaça

The Luís Vilaça Literary Prize

The Luís Vilaça Literary Prize aims to defend and promote the Portuguese language and encourage literary creation among new writers, particularly in a literary genre that is often challenging to enter the publishing world – the Short Story (or Tales).
Dona Ajuda - Visitas Culturais

Cultural Visits

The Good Neighborhood organizes cultural visits to a monument in Lisbon one Saturday per month.
Dona AJuda - Janeiras

Workshop for families I

Stories within the Story – February 23, 2019
Dona Ajuda – Magusto

Workshop "Little Bird in the Nest"

with Dona Ajuda – February 21, 2019
Dona Ajuda- Prémio Luis Vilaça

Workshop "Hearts with Dona Ajuda"

1st session – January 31, 2019;
2nd Session – February 14, 2019
Dona Ajuda - Visitas Culturais

Storytime "Warning: Do Not Touch"

with Inês Blanc – February 9, 2019
Dona AJuda - Janeiras

"Let's Make Crochet Flowers"

with Dona Ajuda – May 10, 2018
Dona Ajuda – Magusto

Solidarity Knitting Workshop

with Dona Ajuda – April 17, 2018
Dona Ajuda- Prémio Luis Vilaça

Workshop – "Let's Talk About Communication"

with Dona Ajuda – April 12, 2018
Dona Ajuda - Visitas Culturais

Workshop "Let's Decorate Easter Eggs"

with Dona Ajuda – March 19, 2018
Dona AJuda - Janeiras

Crochet Solidarity Rosettes

with Dona Ajuda – March 15, 2018; Workshop “Solidarity Rosettes II with Dona Ajuda” – April 5, 2018; Workshop Solidarity Rosettes III with Dona Ajuda – June 20, 2018
Dona Ajuda – Magusto

Paper Flower Workshop

with Dona Ajuda – May 30, 2018